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I'm quite new to "Authorship", but no stranger to the majesty that surrounds us every day. I've learned many profound lessons from the great outdoors, but one stands out above the rest and that is: within each of us is the capacity to connect with the Universe, with Nature, and with our Higher Self. The journey begins with the sincere willingness to quiet the mind and simply pay attention, for all sentient beings have something to share in supporting our pilgrimage towards becoming a more evolved and self-aware human race. Through the eyes of nature, one is made privy to the goodness that pervades all that exists and co-exists. 

I invite you to open your eyes and see the EXTRAORDINARY within the ORDINARY, and open your heart to new ways of appreciating the omnipresent Universe that surrounds and binds all that we are. 

"Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere." ~ Regina Brett, The Plain Dealer Newspaper

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